mirrorproducts.co.uk Optical Media DVD-R 16x Branded (100 Pack)
DVD-R 16x Branded (100 Pack)

DVD-R 16x Branded (100 Pack)


- 7 times the storage capacity of CDR
- Long-time data archiving
- High quality azo recording dye for excellent read/write performance
- Quickly store digital photos, music, movie, files and more
- Read compatible with most readers and writers
- Data, video and audio back-up and archiving
- Recording movies and video clips up to 2 hours


Format: DVD-R write-once
Capacity: 4.7GB
Recording Time: 120 minutes
Recording Speed: up to 16x
Compatibility: 1x-16x DVD+R hardware
Diameter: 120mm

Carton/Packaging details

Part No:7028X100S
Barcode: 5060033950890
Carton Dimension:
Gross weight:
Pieces per carton:
Package Type: Bulk
Packaging Dimension:  (L x W x H)

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